Walk-In & Drive-In Test Chambers

Solid Construction & Pre-Fabricated Options – Multiple Temperature & Humidity Ranges

Weiss Technik Walk-In Drive-In test chambers are available in many sizes and configurations for both pre-engineered and custom solutions. Ideal for testing large products, batches of products or for full vehicle testing with Panelized or Welded walk-in environmental chamber solutions. Multiple environmental conditions may be selected for combined test conditions such as temperature, humidity, vibration and solar simulation for performance levels required for your testing. Many options are available to customize your testing including access ports, heavy floor loading, various wall thickness, quiet packages, doors, windows, user and product safety options, LN2 boost and more.

With Weiss Technik’s LEEF and LOW GWP (Global Warming Potential) technologies, our test chambers offer up to 40% energy savings and R-449A refrigerant that will future-proof your testing. The EPA AIM Act calls for a phasedown reduction of HFC  in test chambers – see how Weiss Technik is years ahead of this phasedown. LEARN MORE.

What is a Walk-In and Drive-In test chamber?

A Walk-In environmental test chamber is an insulated box that can be configured to multiple sizes for storing products in specific environmental conditions and also for product reliability and validation testing. Walk-in test chambers can be designed with foam panels that lock together to create various box sizes or fully welded versions depending on the simulated environment and performance conditions that need to be simulated.

Drive-In test chambers utilized the same types of box construction and are used to test full-size vehicles from motorcycles to automobiles to full-size trucks. Multiple conditions may be simulated in a walk-in or drive-in environmental test chamber depending on the test requirements. These may include temperature, humidity, vibration, altitude, solar, salt spray, and more in order to test products in multiple environments that they may be exposed to during the life of the product.