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We have pre-engineered and custom test chamber solutions that fit your exact testing applications
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Environmental Test Chamber Solutions for EV & Battery Applications
Our battery test chambers offer many safety features
that conform to IEC, UL and EUCAR testing standards for battery safety
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We offer Walk-In & Drive-In environmental test chambers to fit your exact testing applications
Pre Engineered and Custom Solutions
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Don't let long lead times slow
Down your Testing Process
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Impact Your Business More... And
the Environment Less
Improve your Carbon Footprint and reduce Energy costs with LEEF Technology - LOW GWP R-449A Refrigerants - EPA AIM Act Phasedown of Test Chamber Refrigerants
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Weiss Technik Test Chambers

We are your global partner for environmental test chambers.  Serving customers with innovative designs, advanced engineering, and future-proof technology, we provide solutions for all industries that fit your exact test chamber requirements, whether you’re testing extreme temperatures, humidity, altitude, vibration, or a combination of these. With the Weiss Technik global reach and over 65 years of industry experience, we can offer you expert resources so you can get the most out of your testing department. You can trust us for all your environmental testing applications – Stand the test of time. We look forward to hearing from you, so give us a call or fill out a contact form today!

Cámaras de prueba HALT/HASS/AGREE y Vibración

Test Chambers

A2LA que proporciona pruebas de simulación ambiental para satisfacer sus necesidades de prueba desde pruebas de calificación de productos

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