Controllers & Software

Weiss Technik Controllers and Software offer advanced technology for Programming, Control and Monitoring for your testing. WEBSeason allows you complete control – from anywhere around the world. With real time multi-user, multi-language interface, precise controls and access from any device WEBSeason allows you to get the most out of your testing. Simpati and Simpati Time Labs software gives greater testing integration and  enhances the reliability of your test systems.

WEBSeason - the controller designed by end users, utilizing state-of-the-art web technology that exceeds the requirements for today's industrial standards.  The look and feel is comparable to a mobile device- with swiping, 2-finger zoom, quick response, making it easy to use.

The system control software SIMPATI enables optimum operation of your environmental simulation and oven systems for performing tests in the fields of research, development and production. 

A picture says more than a thousand measurements. The new standard of test documentation for the visual documentation of test procedures. Test items in temperature and climatic test chamber testing procedures have quite a lot of variables to go through.

S!MPATI® online extends your software functions by test reporting and specimen management and enables you to gain cross-location access with automated generation of test reports. These are transferred into a Word template compliant with DIN EN 60068-2-38 and can easily be edited. The prepared test reports directly contain the necessary graphical evaluations, your written test documentation, images of the tested specimen and the related system protocols. With Microsoft Azure, S!MPATI® online offers a secure cloud service and automatic updates keep you on the latest state. In addition, S!MPATI® online is backward compatible with Weiss Technik test systems from 1999 onwards.

What do Controllers and Software do in an environmental test chamber?

The use of controllers and software is critical for test chambers to function effectively. Controllers and software give test engineers greater integration and testing flexibility with their environmental testing applications. The data logging feature helps to analyze test data, and other features including Remote Programming, Control, and Monitoring are key benefits for accurate test results.