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Sustainability in Environmental
Test Chambers

LEEF - LOW GWP Technology
Future Proof Your Environmental Testing

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Impact Your Business More….and the Environment Less

Improve your Carbon Footprint and reduce Energy costs with LEEF Technology and LOW GWP R-449A Refrigerants

EPA AIM Act - Phasedown of Test Chamber Refrigerants

Prepare yourself for ever more stringent future standards and regulations. Weiss Technik is the first environmental test chamber manufacturer to apply low-GWP (Global Warming Potential) R-449A refrigerants in all its test chambers formerly using R-404A. It’s 64% lower GWP value is great news for the environment and helps your company support both corporate & federal sustainability programs. Weiss Technik has redesigned and extensively tested its refrigeration systems to make sure that the use of R-449A comes with no loss of performance and reliability.

To truly help you to stand the test of time, Weiss Technik’s now applies its ground-breaking LEEF Technology in all environmental chambers using cascade refrigeration systems. Compared to the classic refrigeration technology offered by many of our competitors, LEEF Technology will make you benefit from reduced test time, up to 70% improved test accuracy and up to 40% energy savings.

The EPA’s hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) phasedown objective is to reduce HFC production and consumption by 85% over the next 15 years, starting in 2022

Part of the USA’s American Innovation and Manufacturing (AIM) Act
Individual states have already impacted their own HFC restrictions
California bans R-404A in new and retrofit supermarket applications

View our LEEF – LOW GWP – AIM Act Video

Are you still testing tomorrow’s innovations with yesterday’s technology? Let Weiss Technik help modernize your testing department: start reducing your testing costs and improve your environmental stewardship!
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Low GWP  LEEF technology
Stand the test of time.