HALT HASS & AGREE Vibration Test Chambers

HALT & HASS Vibration Testing – Find product and production defects 

Weiss Technik HALT & HASS and AGREE Vibration test chambers provide combined testing for temperature, humidity and vibration for your testing applications. This testing helps identify product design and production defects that may cause product failures. Our test chamber solutions include models that let you customize options and features that fit your testing requirements including LN2 cooling and thermal limit door interlocks. Chambers can also be used as a stand-alone chamber for temperature and humidity testing providing more flexibility for your special testing applications.

With Weiss Technik’s LEEF and LOW GWP (Global Warming Potential) technologies, our test chambers offer up to 40% energy savings and R-449A refrigerant that will future-proof your testing. The EPA AIM Act calls for a phasedown reduction of HFC  in test chambers – see how Weiss Technik is years ahead of this phasedown. LEARN MORE.

How do HALT & HASS and AGREE Vibration Test Chambers Work?

A HALT & HASS and AGREE vibration test chamber works to stress a product. HALT & HASS test chambers find a weak point and locate product design and production defects. This testing can use vibration along with temperature and humidity to help engineers make product and production decisions.