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Stability Test Walk In Chambers

Weiss Technik stability walk in chambers provide GMP compliant, ICH Q1A stability storage test conditions from -20°C to +40°C and 40 – 75% RH.  These stability chamber provide critical storage rooms ranging in size from small step-ins to large warehouses. Products tested and storage include pharmaceutical raw materials (API) to bulk storage of final packaged products.  We  provide standard chambers with limited features or highly customized stability environments with numerous mechanical, electrical, and architectural design options, including cleanroom classification (ISO 6-8) for cold storage and freezer rooms.
  • The innovative WEBSeason® user interface allows you to program, control and monitor your tests at any time and anywhere – even from your tablet or smartphone



Temperature Range:  -20°C to +45°C
Humidity Range:  20% to 80% RH
Customized to meet your size requirements. Extended temperature and humidity ranges also available.


Product Features

  • Panelized walk-in box with easy-to-clean, double sided metal plate coating.
  • Lockable test chamber door with emergency opening facility.
  • Heating and cooling system consisting of ceiling vaporizer with integrated electrical heater and air-cooled refrigeration unit.
  • Climate conditioning system with energy saving ultrasonic humidifier and separate dehumidifier.
  • Micro-processor controlled control system corresponding
  • Compliant with ICH Q1A, GAMP-GUIDE and FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • Maintenance-free electronic temperature/humidity sensor.
  • Safety temperature limiter for electrical heater and test chamber.
  • Specimen protection tmin/tmax

Technical Data

Additonal Options

  • Temperature and humidity range extensions
  • Unit as a temperature chamber (without controlled humidity)
  • Entry ports
  • Observation window
  • Shelf system
  • Explosion-resistant components
  • Simpati Pharma software package for recording and processing of measurement values

Further options available on request.


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