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This robust temperature and climate test chamber raises the industry standard to ease operation, performance, and reliability. With a patented climate and temperature conditioning system you can create more productive and easily replicated tests for a larger number of products.

Product Features

  • Easy operation with an 8’’ TFT touchscreen display, and a lighted control pad to display the operating mode.
  • Using our interface, as well as internet access, the authorized user can read data from current tests including measurement data, reports, and other information. This data can be managed in the same network and the Simpati software can connect and utilize all relevant tests.
  • Performance, security, and ease of use: Our WK3 is able to consistently maintain demanding climate values under considerable stress e.g., Midsummer ambient temperature values.
  • Reduced maintenance and upkeep: Purging the humidity bath prevents contamination of the humidifier water increasing the time between cleaning intervals and reducing your maintenance costs.
  • A larger water tank allows for independent operation spanning several days – even longer tests can be conducted without interruption using an automatic feed of additional water.
  • Homogenous temperature distribution in the test space is created using optimum airflow in conjunction with an auto-adaptive control system
  • Digital measuring and control system Simpac
  • 8″ TFT-colour touch screen display
  • Controlpad for displaying of temperature values, lighting, start/stop, etc. on the front panel of the device
  • Auto-adaptive control system
  • Ethernet and USB interface
  • Psychrometric humidity measurement with automatically wetted, self-cleaning sensor
  • Protection against condensation on test specimen
  • Refrigeration unit, air-cooled
  • Stainless steel ports approx. Ø 50 mm and 125 mm in the left and right side panel
  • Safety cut-out against high and low temperatures (protection of test specimen as per EN 60519-2 (1993)) adjustable, with separate sensor
  • Insertion rack (stainless steel) Adjustable and vibration absorbing feet
  • 4 digital outputs (24 V-DC)
  • 4 digital inputs (24 V-DC)
  • Potential-free contact for specimen disconnection
  • 2 temperature values are calibrated (+23°C and +80°C)Additional equipment for WK3
  • Integrated limit value monitoring system for humidity
  • Large water tank, easily accessible
  • Automatic feeding in of additional water without interrupting of operation
  • Display of the humidity values at the Controlpad
  • Humidity bath purging for cleaning of the humidifier water
  • 2 climate values are calibrated (23°C/50% r.h. and 95°C/50% r.h.)
  • 3.5″ TFT-colour touch screen display
  • Simpati software package for Windows
  • Test space door with observation window including optimised test space lighting
  • Door with hand-hole port
  • Door hinged on right side
  • Water-cooled version for cooling tower, chilled water or mains water
  • Mobile installation by means of moveable version
  • Speed-controllable fan in order to vary the circulating air volume flow
  • Fresh air purge facility in order to keep the air in the test cabinet clean
  • Shelves for optimum use of the test space
  • Reinforced test space floor up to 200 kg
  • Floor for heavy loads up to 300 kg (only 340 l)
  • Floor for heavy loads up to 500 kg (from 600 l)
  • Drawer on telescopic rails
  • Stainless steel ports approx. Ø 50, 80 and 125 mm for connection of the test specimens
  • Temperature measurement on the test specimen
  • Interface RS 232 C and further interfaces upon request
  • Other voltages and frequencies
  • Digital I/O, 4 additional inputs and 4 outputs
  • Calibration in deviation to the standard
  • Additional calibration (WKD – Factory Calibration and DKD – German Calibration Service)
  • Flat notches or notches for the fixed placement of connected test specimens
  • Ports in the area of the ceiling can be upgraded for special test regulations (automotive, photovoltaic, etc.)

Additional Options

  • Dewpoint extension in climate working range up to -30°C
  • Independent capacitive humidity sensor (temperature and humidity measurement)
  • Humidity control with capacitive humidity measuring system
  • Pressure-resistant demineralisation cartridge
  • Further options / special accessories, tailor-made for your special requirements, upon request.

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