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Explosion Resistant Heating and Drying Ovens – VTUW

Explosion-resistant heating and drying ovens are utilized in a variety of processes in manufacturing and thermal testing.  Industries such as the chemical, pharmaceutical and electronics industries often require heating and drying ovens where flammable materials, such as solvents, gases etc., can be placed. These materials may form an explosive mixture in combination with air. Our VTUW explosion resistant ovens were developed for these critical conditions. The amount of combustible solvents is nearly unlimited in this oven.  The VTUW series complies with considerably higher requirements than conventional drying ovens for coating materials (varnish drying ovens) and are CE compliant design as per 2014/34/EU.

The VTUW oven is operated with circulation air in combination with exhaust air. They are heated using process heat from procedural processes (steam, water, tempering oil) or via a separate tempering device. For economic reasons, the tempering device is preferably situated in the neutral area. Upon request, the ovens can also be designed to be set-up in areas where there is a danger of explosion.


  • The volume of flammable substances that can be introduced is virtually unlimited. The heating and drying ovens comply with category 2 devices and can thus be installed in zones 1 and 2 of areas where there is a danger of explosion.
  • Flexible design in compliance with device group ll, i. e. suitable for solvents of temperature classes T1, T2, T3, T4 and explosion groups llA and llB.
  • Warm water or steam emitted from processes can be used as a heating medium. Low energy consumption and short process times with circulating air and low fresh air volume.
  • High constancy of temperature within the entire work chamber.
  • For installing in explosive zones, all components are explosion resistant according to the respective zone. Fresh air required for safe and reliable operation must be supplied from a neutral zone


Special Constructions

  • Heat treatment processes in inert gas atmosphere
  • Processes under clean room conditions
  • Drying of explosive substances
  • Solvent recovery

Additional Options

  • Temperature conditioning
  • Devices
  • Fresh air grid
  • Exhaust air fan
  • Door window
  • Shelves and grids
  • Charging trolleys
  • Flow control valves
  • Condensate collector

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