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Sun Event Solar Simulation Test Chambers

The Solar Simulation Test Chambers are state-of-the-art test units for simulating temperature and climatic indoor and outdoor conditions with global irradiation.   Our solar simulation  chambers simulate direct sunlight, heat, cold and humidity in order to test the many small and large items of day-to-day life that are subjected to different levels of solar radiation. These environments affect the service and operating conditions of various products exposed to these environmental extremes. They cause colors to fade and accelerate the ageing of materials. For many products, a light resistance test, also combined with other environmental factors, is indispensable. The SunEvent sun simulation test chambers will help you to test the influence of sunlight, temperature and humidity on the properties and service lives of your products. Thanks to the sophisticated construction and high quality workmanship, the solar test chambers have excellent temperature and humidity consistency and in this way, they guarantee correct and reliable results.

  • In combination with the irradiation unit (metal halide lamp and outdoor filter), all four models of 340, 600, 1000 and 3400 liters provide a full-function climate chamber
  • The usable volume of the test chamber has been specifically designed for the examination of material samples and component sections or smaller components
  • Easy one-handed operation
  • The innovative WEBSeason® user interface allows you to program, control and monitor your tests at any time and anywhere – even from your tablet or smartphone


  • Irradiation unit with high degree of irradiation homogeneity (made in Germany)
  • Perfect, environmentally-friendly insulation of the test room
  • Steam-tight design thanks to machine welded seams
  • Optimized air circulation and therefore best temperature distribution
  • Performance optimized temperature-regulating and patented climate system

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