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Model ET27-1-10-WC-HAF


The ET27-1-10-WC-HAF test chamber was designed to maximize the testing capabilities for 19″ rack mountable networking equipment.

It was designed with right-to-left cross-chamber air flow to work with customer product by moving the air in the same direction as current customer-completed chassis designs. This helps to eliminate temperature gradients between upper and lower test tiers found in typical environmental chamber configurations. All chassis are exposed to identical temperature swings, changes, and ramp rates. Additionally, this system was designed with a single stage compressor system for ESS compatible product testing requirements between 0° and 50°C.

The ET27-1-10-WC-HAF Test Chamber’s small size provides a much more flexible system by allowing more rapid load turn times and less impact during chamber down time for preventive maintenance.

The hole pattern in the side walls is characteristic of Techniks’ patented high-velocity horizontal air flow system.

All external connections typically found on other chamber designs such as water inlet/outlet and dry air purge systems have been moved inboard to protect them from accidental damage. Easy access for interconnect is provided through a 14″ x 12″ port which is conveniently located in the rear wall.


Product Features

  • Externally mounted fan motor
  • Jackshaft assembly provide maximum reliability and flexibility
  • Aluminum backwards-inclined blower wheel
  • Patented Horizontal air flow system
  • High velocity air (3300 CFM) provides optimum air flow across your product
    Instrumentation Systems
  • Solutions Plus Touchscreen Controller/Programmer
  • Quick Draw to reduce cycle times
  • Redundant Temp Sentry available as product fail safe protection
  • RS232 Ethernet and USB Communication Ports
    Refrigeration Package Features
  • 10 HP Water cooled system
  • Copper tubing cooling coils with aluminum fins
  • Solder-in-place components minimize leakage
  • High temperature silphosed or silver soldered joints
  • Stainless steel drip pan in compressor compartment contains condensate
  • HFC refrigerants
  • 10 CFM dry air purge system
  • Refrigeration sound reduction package for quiet performance
    Electrical Features
  • Nichrome wire heating elements
  • Fail safe fusible link high heat limit protection
  • ETL approved (UL508A) electrical system

Additional Options

  • Custom temperature range available
  • Solenoid control models available
  • Additional length options available for free standing consoles with interconnect cables
  • Temperature Sentry available as product fail safe protection
  • Custom sizes available consult with your local salesperson
  • Many options available – contact your local salesperson for complete list

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