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Weiss partial air-conditioning unit type K23W-A, was specifically created for air-conditioning containers with electronic, team rooms, and training containers. These units are exceptionally quiet thanks to a special sound dampening buffer. This particular series of partial air conditioning units has greater cooling capacities than the K19-W, with up to 14 kW and heating capacities up to 11 kW. These units are suitable for extendible containers due to the adjustable nature of the K23W-A’s adjustable capacities.

Product Features

  • Tested to be vibration-resistant and shock-proof in accordance with VG 95332, severity level 5
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Aluminum shell and frame
  • Modular construction for easy exchanging of components
  • Gas-proof welded temperature control space (ABC operation possible)
  • Mounting frame with buffer elements for minimizing vibration and solid-borne sound transmission
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Service-friendly
  • Container-side mounting frame with buffer elements to minimize structure-borne sound transfer

Supply scope

  • Air conditioning system
  • Electrical connection panel
  • Control unit
  • Air blowout box with sound damping unit
  • Outside air filter or outside air filter flap unit
  • Condenser waste air duct
  • Outside air connection hose

Additional Options

Air distribution system

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