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WIBOjekt® Work Benches & Work Stations

The WIBOjekt® safety work benches and work stations are equipped with specially formed air outlets. Through these outlets a clean air curtain develops that reliably captures hazardous pollutants, such as gases or airborne product dusts, and conveys them to the back wall extractor. In this way, it is possible to work safely with free access. The air outlets ensure that the airflow conveys all harmful emissions to the exhaust air unit. Even if the employee penetrates it, the air curtain remains largely stable and protects both people and the surrounding area against escaping emissions.

Devices using a WIBOjekt® air system require considerably less exhaust air in comparison with conventional extraction systems and at the same time, they provide the highest quality of capture and extraction. As a result, you save operating costs and energy. Numerous application scenarios in industrial, medical and pharmaceutical areas of use can be successfully and reliably solved with WIBOjekt®.


The WIBOjekt® systems are available as work benches in basic model or GPM models, as free work stations (FWS), as decanting station for chemicals, as laboratory or painting work stations and also as work stations that have been specially tailored to the requirements of pathology departments.

Optimal protection of operators and surrounding Areas thanks to:

  • Coordinated ejector nozzles
  • Stable clean air curtain
  • Extraction of airborne particles and gases
  • Targeted capture of pollutants
  • Robust retention capacity based on DIN EN 14175-3



Weiss-Technik-Pharma Product

Weiss-Technik-WIBO-Barrier-Containment System

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