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OP-RC 1a


The Weiss OP-RC 1a is a mobile operating system allowing users to safely operate under cleanroom conditions that mimic traditional operating theaters even in extreme climates. The system is quick to assemble and disassemble and consists of tents and mobile climate and cleanroom system. One notable feature of the system is the laminar flow unit that provides directed airflow with over pressure forcing air from the clean area to an unclean area. The lightweight laminar flow unit is constructed of textile and extremely mobile.

Clean, stable, air circulates with a uniform speed. Therefore, the high accuracy of the workspace operates independently of the outside air conditions such as extreme cold, heat, or air moisture.

Mobile Clean Room Surgical Tent System Series OP-RC 1a from Weiss is an essential system to have in military and disaster relief equipment. This system is compact, indestructible, simple and fast to assemble and operate, 100% reliable and can resist situations where it is necessary to combat extreme climate.

Product Features

  • Tested and certified under DIN 1946-4-2008-12
  • Easy and quick to assemble and dismantle
  • Highly mobile due to low transportation volume
  • For use in temperature range -40 to +60°C
  • Resists moisture, snow, sand and storms as well as extreme climatic conditions
  • Clean air with a high level of temperature stability and uniform air speed
  • Textile laminar-flow plenum
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • It is also possible to sterilize laminar-flow plenum to 130°C
  • Over pressure in operating room, hence directed airflow from the clean area to the impure area
  • High proportion of fresh air, hence high air exchange rate
  • F5, F7, H13 filter levels


Mobile Clean Room Surgical Tent System Series OP-RC 1a from Weiss is an essential military and disaster prevention equipment. Compact, indestructible, easy and quick to install, 100% reliable and simple to operate, it shows its strength particularly in situations where it is necessary to combat extreme climatic conditions.

Standard Version

  • Components of the certified clean-room system solution include a spacious surgical tent (8m x 6m workspace) with integrated air distribution and a laminar-flow plenum as well as two extra tents (8m x 6m each) used as airlocks and room for technical equipment.
  • The airlock system is able to keep an overpressure against atmosphere in the surgical tent of 100 Pa to 200Pa.
  • The mobile air conditioning and filtration systems supply fresh air filtered by an integrated two-stage filter arrangement. They are installed outside the tents and are connected by insulated air hoses to HEPA filter boxes (as 3rd filter stage), which are placed inside the airlock tents.
  • Re-circulating air modules equipped with HEPA filters are also installed in the airlock tents. Together with the fresh air supply, they provide over the integrated air distribution system the laminar-flow plenum with the required air volume.
  • Very clean air at a highly consistent temperature is distributed by the laminar-flow plenum inside the surgical tent at a very steady air velocity.
  • The laminar-flow system is stabilized by the air flow and weights as little as about 38 kg and has a footprint of 3.2m x 3.2m when fully inflated.
  • A special panel heater system, engineered by Weiss, supports and improves the air flow from the laminar-flow system particularly at low outside temperatures.
  • A very easy-to-operate control and service unit placed inside the surgical tent is used to regulate and control the entire Clean Room Surgical Tent System, OP-RC 1a.

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