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Temperature Cycling Test Chamber – Variable Speed Drive System

Our Temperature Cycling Chamber with Variable Speed Drive System, the user can test rotating devices at different temperatures. The rotating devices can have angular joints that require multiple angled positions. The drive system spins the shafts at a specific RPM, while allowing testing at various angles and different temperatures.

The ED Series “Drive” chambers are typically used in the Automotive Industry or by plastic, rubber, and tire suppliers of tires for the Automotive Industry. However, the Drive chambers can be used to test any rotating device that must be subjected to temperature cycling.  A common test utilizing this equipment is the “cold start” test; where the temperature is soaked at -40Ð overnight and the joints are set at a high angle. The user then starts the rotation at a slow speed (approximately 250 RPM) to find out if the C-V joints or the rubber boots hold up under the stress.

Weiss Technik ED80-2-10-WC Temperature Cycling Chamber with Variable Speed Drive System offers its user the benefit of temperature, shaft speed, and angulation test equipment all combined in one test system.

  • Ability to test rotating devices at various temperatures and angles
  • Capability for half-shafts set up with the X-Y table, or quarter shafts with angular towers
  • Ability to control shaft speed, acceleration, declaration, and starting torque with the Allen Bradley AC Drive System
  • Ability to constantly change angle while the shafts are rotating with Weiss Technik Auto-Reciprocation Option
  • Specialized Auto-Plunge System option automatically moves the joint in and out while the shaft continues to rotate and change angles
  • Frelon-lined linear bearing X-Table mounted underneath for x-axis movement as well as the y-axis mounted on top for the y-fixture.
  • Interior mounting plates provided allowing the interior joints to be rotated differently from the other set.
  • With Weiss Techniks’ Auto-Angulation System the user is able to set the C-V joint angle from channel three of the Solutions Plus*tm* Programmer/Controller.
  • The innovative WEBSeason® user interface allows you to program, control and monitor your tests at any time and anywhere – even from your tablet or smartphone


  • The chamber can be set up for half shafts with the X-Y table (for shafts with two joints) or for quarter shafts with angular towers (shafts with one joint).
  • In its standard design, the Weiss Technik Model ED80-2-10-WC can accommodate four shafts. Six shafts can be accommodated in a “stretched” version of the chamber.
  • Weiss Techniks’ Engineering staff can design to meet your specific needs regarding shaft length and input flanges.

Additonal Options

  • Six shafts can be accommodated in a stretched version of the chamber
  • Ability to modify acceleration and deceleration rates
  • Custom shaft lengths and input flanges available upon request
  • Custom sizes available consult with your local salesperson
  • Many options available – contact your local salesperson for complete list

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