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Cold Chain Transportation
Testing Solutions

Cold Chain Transportation Testing Solutions

Weiss Technik provides cold chain testing chambers and solutions for the transport of vaccines and other temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products.  Our test chambers are used to simulate temperatures that products and packaging may encounter during distribution.

Cold chain testing refers to a temperature-controlled supply chain for the storage and distribution of products where specific temperatures are required to be maintained. The temperatures required are specific to the product. However, the controlled temperature can be frozen (typically -5°C to -40°C), refrigerated (2-8°C) or warmer conditions.

Weiss Technik supports cold chain testing standards including:
ISTA 7D: Temperature test for transport packaging
ISTA 7E: Thermal transport packaging used in parcel delivery system shipment
ASTM D3103: Thermal insulation performance of distribution packages
ASTM D4169: Standard practice for performance testing of shipping containers and systems
ASTM D4332: Climatic conditioning

Cold Chain Test Chamber Solutions

Endurance Series PHARMA - Test Chambers For Packaging & Life Science Products
Stability Test
Walk-In Chambers
Stability Test